Movement: Roll 1 D6 divide the result by two. (potentially just roll D4’s)

At the movement point of each turn all zombies within 12 inches of a character will begin moving to the closest character within that length. All Zombies outside of the 12 inch diameter move in a random fashion decided by rolling a blank dice.

When Zombies move they have a movement of two inches under normal circumstances. If a zombie becomes “excited” their movement becomes three inches. Also special mutated zombies can move faster if their stats state that they can.

When Zombies become excited:

  • When a zombie is within 12 inches of a gunshot going off
  • When a zombie grabs/bites a survivor all zombies within 6 inches become excited
  • If a character yells to another character all zombies within 8 inches becomes excited


Zombies MatthewHaase